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We are still harvesting from the FW and A houses.
Cloudy days earlier in the week with showers later in the week. Mild to warmer temperatures throughout. Daily temperatures ranged between 21°C – 28°C. Overnight temperatures ranged between 9°C - 15°C.
Harvest volumes are gradually increasing.
Fruit quality is excellent. Fruit size is medium – medium/large. Ripeness is ½ - ¾ colour.
We have had a challenging week as we have experienced an array of fluctuating temperatures and conditions. The next 4 days will be very cloudy and rainy and we will see the affect it may have on plant productivity (harvest volumes). Quality should remain optimal and we are doing our best to ensure that it stays this way. We are still harvesting from the FW and A houses, the C and D house will then follow in mid-December. According to our planting schedule we will be planting the E, F and G houses in December, with H (our final house) to follow.