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Kapiris Bros entities consists of 3 key farms producing greenhouse tomatoes, field tomatoes and glass house capsicums.

Queensland Pride tomatoes located in the Bowen region of Queensland is a key supplier of tomatoes during the winter season, July to October. SA Pride tomatoes located in the Two Wells region of South Australia ensures production of quality tomatoes is supplied year round with their season spaning from November till June. From October to June Kapiris Bros are a key supplier of glasshouse capsicum’s.

All farm packing facilities have state of the art grading and packaging equipment, allowing our farms not only to increase capacity but also improve quality and efficiency. Increased cooling facilities and the expansion of prepacking equipment, allow us to meet customer demand.

Our exclusive partnerships with growers means Kapiris Bros can supply tomatoes, capsicums, rockmelons and honeydew to meet consumer demand.

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The Kapiris Bros distribution facility is structured to have the flexibility and efficiency to produce any customer requests and demands. With state of the art prepack equipment that meets all industry quality standards through the inclusions of metal detectors, computer programed weighing stations and automated rejection instrumentation ensuring that prepacked produce meets customer specifications.

Kapiris Bros large production capacity and network of growers in other growing regions, allows them to meet the supply needs of all customers for various product lines of Gourmet and Roma Tomatoes, Capsicums, Rockmelons and Honeydew.

Quality Assurance

Kapiris Bros is committed to ensuring all its produce is of the highest quality for retailers and consumers.

Kapiris Bros entities operate under a HACCP certified quality management system that includes, Kapiris Bros maintain an Australian ISO 9000 standard and have implemented SQF 2000 in both the field operations as well as the distribution facilities.

The Kapiris Bros Quality Management system, product testing, temperature management, internal & external audits along with traceability reports are just some of the processes carried out to ensure we meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

Purpose built infrastructure at Kapiris Bros entities allows us to focus on the importance of maintaining the quality and integrity of the produce that moves from our farms through our distribution facilities through to all customer distribution centres 365 days a year.