KB_001_marketingFresh produce is mistakenly being viewed as a commodity, consumer impressions are being formed that all produce is the same. Kapiris Bros know this is not the case, Kapiris Bros proudly grow their produce from seedlings and nurturer it across its entire life cycle from planting through to customer purchase. At Kapiris Bros we manage all aspects of the produce life cycle from its growth, through its logistic journey into distribution centres and finally to the customer. Our years of experience, quality processes, and passion for producing premium produce ensure we deliver the best produce on the Australian market.

Packaging is an important part of this journey and not merely a way to transport produce from point A to point B. At Kapiris Bros we take the opportunity to provide an identity for our customers to recognise premium quality produce. Insights from our customers through market research activities have lead us to understand the needs of the customer and that is why we focus on value and quality. At Kapiris Bros we package our produce in easy to use, simple and transparent packaging to deliver value and quality to our customers.

At Kapiris Bros we are setting new industry standards through:

  • Focusing on quality every day, everywhere.
  • Implementing latest technologies.
  • Clearly understanding customer’s needs.
  • Continuously evaluating our products against customer’s needs
  • Challenging the status quo.
  • Delivering on the customer’s desire of eating healthier.

Kapiris Bros is….

“Built on true Australian family values, producing premium quality produce to satisfy Australian families”

Kapiris Bros Terms of Trade – 16/12/2016:

Terms of Trade – 16/12/2016 PDF