Kapiris Bros started as a tomato growing operation in 1950. The three Kapiris brothers focused on growing tomatoes on a 30 hectare parcel of land in Two Wells SA. Kapiris Bros as the company we know today was formed in 1958 when John Kapiris moved to Melbourne with an emphasis on growing and marketing tomatoes. John Kapiris continued to grow the business until his retirement in 1986 where he transferred the management to 5 of his children who till this day manage all operations of the business. Third generation Kapiris’s are now involved in managing the business with plans to further expand both the produce growing and the packing operations.Kapiris bros grandfather

Today Kapiris Bros partners with the Eatough family on a 984 hectare parcel of land in Bowen Queensland producing tomatoes and with the Joubert family on a 40 hectare parcel of land in Devonport Tasmania producing glasshouse capsicums. Kapiris Bros still manages the original family Two Wells property that has now expanded to 81 hectare producing tomatoes in greenhouses.

Over many years Kapiris Bros have developed and continue to enhance their supply base. By working closely with a number of growers in North Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria, Kapiris Bros are able to deliver a consistent supply of premium quality products all year round.