About SA Pride

Gawler River Tomatoes Pty Ltd, is a greenhouse farming venture focusing on tomato production from seedlings through to customer distribution centres. SA Pride tomatoes are grown on the Two Wells farm consisting of 81 hectares that are solely owned by the Kapiris family. We pride ourselves on producing the best tomatoes possible.

SA Pride History

Gawler River Tomatoes Pty Ltd  was incorporated in 1950 when John Kapiris started growing tomatoes on the Two Well property. Now in its 3rd generation it has expanded its land holdings to 81 hectares together with recently constructing a state of the art packing shed capable of processing 1600, 10kg cartons of tomatoes per day. New greenhouses continue to be erected as the farm expands and grows. The next phase planned for Gawler River Tomatoes Pty Ltd is to begin growing SA Pride hydroponic tomatoes on a third of the greenhouses, this will continue to improve SA pride tomatoes from both a quality and yield perspective. The converting of greenhouses into hydroponic facilities will begin in the 2013 – 2014 season.

Growing Techniques

Kapiris Bros are implementing advanced growing techniques such as high density planting in greenhouses, planting into raised and covered mulching beds, using drip irrigation, planting high yielding disease resistant tomato varieties. Growing in greenhouses, obtains a higher yield compared to outdoor crops. Drip irrigation combined with plastic mulching provides the highest yield. High density plantation allows for convenient crop management. Pest and disease protocols are implemented to manage and minimise potential risks. Growing tomatoes in this hi-tech orientation provides great yield, quality and efficiency.

Type of crop we grow

A number of different varieties of “Gourmet tomatoes” are grown in the greenhouses. Variety choice is dependent on their performance from season to season coupled with future weather forecasts. The research and development team continually experiment with various new varieties to ensure that we obtain the ideal plant for the coming seasons.

Our Growing Season

We plan our growing and production season to correspond with the optimum growing conditions for the Two Wells region which is between the months of November to July.

Our packing facilities

Gawler River Tomatoes Pty Ltd has constructed a new state of the art 1728m temperature controlled packing facility in the 2012 season. Currently operating a two lane Colour Vision grader delivering up to 26 grading drops. New 270m cold rooms have increases capacity to accommodate storage facility of up to 100 pallets. Latest technology pressure cooling room have also been added that accommodates up to 40 pallets every 3 hours.

Packing and distribution process

At Gawler River Pty Ltd we focus on the following key performance areas to manage our packing and distribution process for SA Pride tomatoes.

  • Efficient Productivity
  • Product Quality
  • Plant Management

Food safety

Gawler River Tomatoes Pty Ltd farms operates under the Freshcare Food Safety and Quality 3rd Edition.

SA Pride Differentiation

Undercover hydroponic gourmet tomatoes are emerging as the largest selling variety of tomatoes on the Australian market. Gawler River Tomatoes Pty Ltd currently grows SA Pride tomatoes in 219 green houses. Being an innovative industry leader, delivering a range of consistent quality tomatoes ensures that SA Pride tomatoes deliver exceptional value.