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Mixed weather conditions. Cyclone ITA has caused minimal damages.
Mixed weather conditions which included overcast days with rain and sunny warm days. Temperatures ranged between 16 to 19 degrees overnight and 25 to 30 degrees during the day.
Currently we are not harvesting.
As anticipated, with Cyclone ITA Bowen received unprecedented rain fall. Wide spread flooding occurred but luckily for most, damage was minimal. Our farm is already back on track with our next planting of patch 4 due to begin 23 April. Not all growers were as fortunate as us, but total loss of planting would be 5 -10% as a maximum of what was already in the ground. All our other growers, bar one have had the same impact as us. On the bright side, we now have fresh surface water for the next 3 seasons, our 3.500 MEG dam is overflowing.