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With warmer overnight temperatures, the fruit has come quickly.
Mostly sunny days with cooler overnight temperatures and morning fog this week. Daily temperatures ranged between 25°C – 27°C. Overnight temperatures ranged between 8°C - 18°C.
We performed our first harvest on Wednesday of this week.
Fruit is small and a little scratchy, being the bottom hand. Quality will improve next harvest.
Patch 9 is due for planting mid next week. Surprisingly with a little warmer overnight temperatures, the fruit has come on very quickly and caught us off guard. The full moon which is here on the weekend has also helped. We have revised our picking schedule and we will be in full production by the 3rd week of June. Fruit to come after our second and third picks look to be in a very heathy state. Flowering is prolific all the way through and fruit is sizing up very well.