Kapiris Bros attends Woolworths Valentine’s Charity Ball.


On Saturday 17th February at Melbourne’s Convention Centre, Kapiris Bros as well as many other distinguished guests enjoyed a night of food, wine, entertainment and most importantly support for The Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal.

Since 1931 the Good Friday Appeal has raised funds on behalf of the Royal Children’s Hospital. With this support continuing to grow over so many years, a milestone figure was raised in 2017 of $17.6 million.

Kapiris Bros is proud to express its support for The Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal as well its partnership with Woolworths.






Kapiris Bros – Melons Tested and Confirmed, 100% Free of Listeria








Kapiris Bros, supporting a co-ordinated approach to pest management.

Area wide management within the agricultural industry typically relates to the management of insects and pests, as well as plant diseases.

Kapiris Bros as well as other contributors committed to funding the research and development of a project in which a report was produced where control tactics are discussed across a broad area in order to manage pests and dieses.

This report ultimately encourages a co-ordinated approach to pest and disease management as the actions of one grower most certainly impact other producers.

Kapiris Bros views the health and sustainability of its growing regions and other growing regions with great significance. For this reason Kapiris Bros supports and sponsors research projects such as these.

As the report states the Bowen growing region’s presence of the tomato yellow leaf curl virus as well as the high population of whitefly. These high populations are a great concern of many tomato growers within the region and indeed need to be managed.












Kapiris Bros pest management program incorporated IPM (Integrated Pest Management).This has proven to be successful across all of Kapiris Bros farms since its employment, which ties in with the findings of the aforementioned report.

The project and evidently the report further establishes the essentiality of an area-wide management approach that Kapiris Bros strongly supports.






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